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Special projects

Here's a section of projects that have meant a little extra to me. Producing things on my own is definitely my favorite way of expressing creativity and telling stories, so I really want to do more of these things in the future. Here are a few of those projects that I've created together with other talented people. 


In the beginning of winter 2022, filmmaker Emmett Sparling invited me to go with him and our mutual friends of Canadian and Swedish skiers and photographers on a ski&sail trip in Norway. So in March 2022 we set sails on a trip that was one of the most fun, beautiful and all around incredible experiences of my life. And the fact that me and Kajsa Larsson got to ski some of the biggest lines I've skied so far made the whole thing too good to be true. The trip and project is sponsored by Sony, and the film launched on Feb 1st 2023. Watch it here: 


Filmed by Emmett Sparling, Zach Moxley, Conor McCann and Ryan Harris. Fellow skiers: Kajsa Larsson and Hayden Korte-Moore


My biggest project to date. Me and my partner in crime Moa Wärvik created this 4 episode documentary series. Initially it was supposed to be just a little ski film, but along our production journey it turned out be so much more than that. With an electric car, two electric snow mobiles and our skis, we went on a quest in the Swedish wilderness to look for sustainable life perspectives and great Swedish skiing. What we found gave us insight on how we want to live our lives sustainably, without compromising with our passions. 


Watch our 4 episode series (that got picked up by the world's biggest free streaming platform) here: 


Jacob and Sofia Wester, two of the best ski film makers in the world, invited me to come to Norway to be in a segment of their newest film. Like the title suggests, we walked a lot. In Lyngen in Northern Norway, you walk to get to where you want to ski, and the mission that is featured in this film is from when we walked through an entire night to reach the mountain face my morning. It was one of the toughest adventures of my life, with the most verticals meters hiked I've ever done, but also one of the most memorable ones obviously. So happy and honored I got to join this epic film!


Watch it here:

Filmed by Sofia Wester


Starting summer 2023, I had the honor of becoming a Kia Sweden ambassador, meaning I got my very own EV6 electric car to drive around in. I'm very happy about this sponsorship, especially since my past electric car projects have made me convinced that driving one is totally doable. I've done several longer roadtrips with Elton as I named it, mostly to Norway and around Sweden, but my plan for the upcoming winter is to take it down to the Alps for skiing. I also put a rooftop tent on it and have it stocked with a full camping set so it's basically like having a motor home :) 


In return I'm helping them with marketing and content creation. I've also done a few productions for them, as can be seen under the "outdoor modeling" tab. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the first summer of love with my vehicle. 


I produced, wrote and fronted this mini documentary, filmed in Greenland. We wanted to answer the question: How have Greenlanders been forced to adapt to climate change? And what can we learn from their way of living in perfect sync with nature and the animals in it? Watch it here: 


In 2020 I filed an application to go on a sail expedition around Iceland with an organisation called Ocean Missions. I had randomly found this organisation online and I applied without thinking I would actually get accepted. But I did, and I traveled to Iceland (during the pandemic I might add, which made me have to get special permits from the Icelandic government to enter the country) and boarded the old schooner Opal. 


I had a life changing week learning about and doing research on the ocean. We examined micro plastics in fish, pollution in the water, marine life quality, plastic waste washed on on super remote beaches etc. And I met some incredible people who run this organisation and whos' passion for sustainability is contagious. 


I made a little vlog style documentary from the trip. Watch it here: 


I also wrote an article on it: 


The winter of 2020 me and my friends, fellow skiers and personal role models Rebecka Harlaut and Jenny Eidolf sat down to discuss something we all had in common. Growing up in ski town Åre, we are all drilled into the competitive skiing sports. It's an amazing way to get good at skiing in general, but it doesn't leave much room for fun, more freeridey-type skiing where performance is not in focus. So, we created a platform for youngsters to gather in a skiing environment on their own terms. We created the space, and the kids contributed with their passion. And it turned out to be something that was definitely missing in our little village. On three occasions that winter that we gathered a group of 15-20 young shredders to ski together, develop together and most importantly -- have fun. We are wanting to continue this concept, and hopefully we can all find the means to do that in the future, because it really sparked something in us as well as in the kids. 


I sort of invited myself to go ski in Switzerland with a bunch of Norwegians. I wanted to ski bigger lines and steep couloirs that you have to hike for hours to reach, and this groups of boys seemed like a good crew to do it with. It turned into an episode on Nikolai Schirmer's YouTube-channel -- one of the biggest ski film producers in the industry. It includes a good amount of drama, dreamy spine skiing, shitty couloir skiing and good times. 


Watch it here:


Filmed by Joonas Mattila

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