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Random jobs

Freelance life minus a clear job description or specific expertise lead to these very random but very fun jobs!

Sidetracked Magazine feature story

I was invited by Sidetracked Magazine to come to Vaud Alps in Switzerland to explore a new region and do a bunch of activities that I'm very mediocre at. 


Also got to make use of my journalistic side and write a feature story as well as the manus script for the video project that also came out of it. 


Read it and watch it here!


Vanlife Iceland Guide

Summer of 2022 my friends Leo Alsved & Asa Steinars, called me up and asked if I could come to Iceland in two days. They run a concept called Vanlife Iceland, a van based group trip, and they needed a last minute guide to help out on the upcoming trip. I said yes and two days later I checked into my own van for a week of driving around Iceland, guiding (without much knowledge haha) and incredible new friendships. 



Summer of 22 I got challenged by Vattenfall and InCharge to drive an electric car from Stockholm to Nordkap: 1700 km. We slept in a rooftop tent and tried finding creative ways to spend the time during our charging stops. I wrote articles during the trip that can be found here:äckviddsångest 


Lundhags Show Host

On several occasions I have hosted product clinics in a talk show style for Lundhags, one of Sweden's oldest and most genuine outdoor brands. The focus has been on inspirational sessions where we go through products in their natural setting, so instead of being in a studio we've been out in nature and in Lundhags brand store in Stockholm. 


See one of them here: 


Karün Europe Manager

For about a year I had the role as the Community Manager of Karün Europe. The Chilean brand makes sunglasses from recycled plastic nets from the ocean, and the profits go to empowering rural communities in rural Patagonia. A company with a very unique and sustainable value chain, and I feel honored to have helped them launch and grow in Europe. 


Kristallen Gala Coordinator

I randomly scored a job as the coordinator for Sweden's biggest TV gala in 2021: Kristallen, produced by Brand New Content. My job was to inform all the nominees that they in fact were nominated for an award, and I was highly involved with all the planning leading up to the gala. During the night of the live show, I was responsible for coordinating all people involved with the gala -- the guests, the nominees as well as all the staff. Huge responsibility, and nothing I had never done before but extremely fun and such a good experience. 


Helsport launch campaign

Did a hilarious campaign for the Norwegian tent makers Helsport when they launched in Sweden. It was during covid when the borders were closed, so since we couldn't actually cross, I met up with the Norwegian team but on each sides of the border somewhere in the forest in Jämtland. Watch the campaign here: 


Guestbike Marketing Manager

I helped during the start up phase of Guestbike as their Marketing Manager. Guestbike is a service that offers quick and easy rental of electric fat bikes in ski resorts via an app. Much like electric scooters in big cities, but the ski resort version. I helped them start up their marketing by designing their website and social medias, project leading photo shoots and establish partnerships etc. Check out their work here:

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