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I've tailored my own education to make sure I end up with a self-made "degree" with courses and programs I've really enjoyed studying.

Cady Academy  - Journalism

As I'm typing this -- in December 2023 -- I just finished a 2 year journalism program that I've been taking online. I intend to use my diploma to further my storytelling and writing passion, writing manus scripts, short stories, creative pieces, maybe a book... We'll see :) 

Diplom Journalist

Adventure Medecine - Wilderness First Aid

Did an intense training in how to manage first aid and injuries out in the wilderness - something I value high in my everyday life since a lot of my jobs and personal hobbies take place out there. 


Columbia via EdX  - Age of Sustainable Development

An 8 week class focused on how to grow within planetary boundaries -- especially in regards to developing countries.


Berghs School of Communication  - Project Management

Did a semester learning project management at Sweden's top communications and creative schools. It gave me a lot, not the least an idea that I have for a film project I'm hoping to produce in the near future. 


Soulcial Media

Another online class I took that was purely focused on how to build a brand on social media. I learned a lot, especially how to do it my own way.


Hawaii Pacific University

A year of classes on Hawaii, focused on oceanography, geography and natural disasters. I even squeezed in a theater class, and some creative writing as well as communications. Perfect setting on a tropical island to study those kinds of subjects! Also probably the best year of my life so far. 


Scuba Open Water Certification

After free diving for many years, I decided I wanted to stay under the surface for longer. So I got scuba certified in the Caribbean, in October 2023! 


Cambridge via Coursera  - Business Sustainability Management

A 12 week class learning about the foundations of how to manage sustainability within corporations and businesses. 

Skärmavbild 2023-03-31 kl. 09.54.43.png

Kulturama  - Teater

After the theater class I took on Hawaii I was intrigued in learning more about this art form. So I enrolled in a night class to develop my acting skills. On top of that, acting is a great way to learn how to speak in public, to go outside of your comfort zone and learn how not to take yourself too seriously. 

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