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Åre, Sweden


Winter 2019


Ski youth association

The winter of 2020 me and my friends, fellow skiers and personal role models Rebecka Harlaut and Jenny Eidolf sat down to discuss something we all had in common. Growing up in ski town Åre, we are all drilled into the competitive skiing sports. It's an amazing way to get good at skiing in general, but it doesn't leave much room for fun, more freeridey-type skiing where performance is not in focus. So, we created a platform for youngsters to gather in a skiing environment on their own terms. We created the space, and the kids contributed with their passion. And it turned out to be something that was definitely missing in our little village. On three occasions that winter that we gathered a group of 15-20 young shredders to ski together, develop together and most importantly -- have fun. We are wanting to continue this concept, and hopefully we can all find the means to do that in the future, because it really sparked something in us as well as in the kids.

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