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Ebba Forsgren


My name is Ebba and I’m a Swedish freelancing freeride and big mountain skier, model, producer, project manager, writer and honestly whatever fun random role that may come my way. The past few years have included jobs that take me to extremely cool places and made me challenge myself physically and mentally. I’m lucky enough to be able to combine making my living with my hobbies, and the line between work and free time is most of the times very undefined. Work life balance is under control :)


Skiing is my main sport, but I’m also a huge fan of climbing — a world I’m learning more and more about and will focus on lots more on during the summers. I love free diving, preferably with animals like whales and sharks. Hiking big mountains is also great. Surfing and biking are two sports I’m a total rookie at but enjoy doing (well biking is more like a love-hate relationship for me but I’m wanting to improve that relationship). 


I try to not take myself too seriously and I tend to face things in life with humor and ”a kick” as we say in Swedish. Besides all the outdoor stuff I love reading books (preferably on a beach), cooking and eating as well as discovering new flavors from different cuisines, lifting heavy stuff at the gym and going to the occasional rager party with friends. 


I’m born and raised in Swedish mountain town Åre, where I spent the first 15 years of my life. I wanted a new setting for my later teenage years though, so I dragged my family with me to go to high school in Stockholm. After three years on unknown territory, I went every further and moved to Whistler, Canada for a classic first season of work and skiing and beer. The year after I surprised myself by moving to the tropics — more specifically to Hawaii where I went to university for one year. Those early travels sparked a life long interest of throwing myself into the unknown. I feel safe not knowing what will happen, which may sound contradictory but it’s more about the feeling of having a blank page in front of me that I know I will fill with fun, challenging, stimulating things. I love life and I try to make the best out of every moment of it. Even when it involves dancing in the rain. 

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