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Kia Sweden


Sponsorship deal


June 2023 - ongoing



Starting summer 2023, I had the honor of becoming a Kia Sweden ambassador, meaning I got my very own EV6 electric car to drive around in. I'm very happy about this sponsorship, especially since my past electric car projects have made me convinced that driving one is totally doable. I've done several longer roadtrips with Elton as I named it, mostly to Norway and around Sweden, but my plan for the upcoming winter is to take it down to the Alps for skiing. I also put a rooftop tent on it and have it stocked with a full camping set so it's basically like having a motor home :)

In return I'm helping them with marketing and content creation. I've also done a few productions for them, as can be seen under the "outdoor modeling" tab. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the first year of love with Elton.

Photographers except myself: David Ferk, Adam Landén, Emrik Jansson

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